Software I've Written

basicNES 2000

basicNES 2000 is an NES emulator written in Visual Basic 6.0. Full source is included with the emulator. It was a great project, and maybe, it will be again. Follow the link for more!

olinzoTech 1

olinzoTech 1 is a 3D engine written in VB6. Please click the image below for more information:



SloMo was/is an arcade emulator originally written by Tobias Stromstedt way back when, in 1998. I took the original source code I found and dropped in gza6502 and took out M6502. I also added FastBlit.bas by David Finch. I need to add a frame limiter, it currently runs at about 900fps on my 2.4ghz core 2 duo. I might add some more games at some point. Have fun with it!

SloMo v0.11


vbGBE is a Nintendo Game Boy emulator written in Visual Basic 6.0. It could run a fair share of games, but sprites were incorrect and there were some cpu issues. Try it at your own risk. This project is discontinued.

vbGBE v0.01[Beta Release] Binary


gza6502 is a 6502 CPU emulator written in Visual Basic 6.0. Download and use it in your emulation projects. Please contact me if you do use it in a project. This project is discontinued.

gza6502 v0.11 Source Code

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