OlinzoTech 1

OlinzoTech 1 is the name of my 3D(psuedo-3D) engine written in Visual Basic 6.0. So far the following is supported:

  • Map loading from disk
  • Texture mapping(128x128, however sprites are still 64x64)
  • Walking and running in the map
  • Floor/ceiling colors
  • Multiple framerates and quality levels
  • Sprites, scaled and masked against the world.

I'm now working on adding actors to the engine, and doors.

My current plan is to make an homage to Wolfenstein 3D, followed by an original game. If you have any cool story ideas let me know :).

Here are some screen shots:

Early Version:

Texture Mapping (tested with Wolfenstein 3D textures, thanks to id Software):


OlinzoTech 1 is Copyright (C) 2014-2021 Don Jarrett.