The Pugilist
The Pugilist, a new boxing blog

xkcd, a webcomic about physics, math, computers, and stuff.

my twitter
my twitter account. random musings.

8-Bit Alley
The 8-Bit Alley hosts many sites, including this one! And hosts, a huge resource of NES programming material.

Sly Dog Studios
A friend of mine's site, he codes NES games and does a damn nice job!

Winging It In Motown
An SBNation blog about the greatest franchise in professional sports, the Detroit Red Wings!!

DutchC64's Blog
Atari floppy emulation!!! Really cool project!

scanty's blog
My really good friend scanty's Blog. Lots of different cool projects!!

Bisqwit's Homepage
The homepage of an amazing programmer, Bisqwit

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