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By Don Jarrett on Tue November 09, 2021
After a long while of figuring out files and such, has returned, and on HTTPS!! Also, I have a new site about boxing that has been launched at ...

By Don Jarrett on Wed April 30, 2014
Gonna try adding tags to twist.

By Don Jarrett on Wed April 16, 2014
Seems we've got a spam problem. Read more inside.

By Don Jarrett on Fri April 11, 2014
Fancy new URLs! Eric showed me a new way to go about things, so I have implemented the changes. No more post ids in the url, now a custom url is generated for each page as I post it. ...

By Don Jarrett on Tue March 25, 2014
I'm currently in the process of updating my blog, rewriting the back end and change the css. Please bear with me, there will probably be several new looks before I settle on something.  Com...

By Don Jarrett on Wed July 10, 2013
Sorry about that, had some DNS issues. Everything seems to be resolved now. peas

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