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Welcome to the basicNES 2000 homepage. I just figured I'd set this up, it was my biggest project so I figure it deserves it's own space and to stand on it's own.


  • 100% 2A03 CPU Emulation
  • Full PPU Emulation - 8x8 & 8x16 sprites, palette emulation, line-based rendering
  • MIDI Sound
  • Emulation of Joypad 1 ($4016)
  • Save States (proprietary)
  • Movie Recording (proprietary
  • Graphical smoothing & interpolation
  • Mapper support (full/partial): 0,1,2,3,4,6,7,9,10,11,13,15,16,19,22,23,32,33,34,40,64,65,66,68,69,71,78,91

basicNES will run on any Windows machine, and I'd assume something like a P200 is required(I know, old-school). Although, I remember it running pretty well on my P100 with Windows 95.

A Little History...

basicNES was my first major programming project, and it began in 1996(I was 13!). I had Visual Basic 3 at the time, and may I say thank God for the Byte data type introduced in VB4! I ported a piece of code that Neil Bradley had released, a 6502 CPU emulator in C. It ran pretty nicely, and was easy to read and work on. In 1998, I had my first breakthrough, basicNES started running CART.NES which was included with iNES. After this more and more mapper 0 games began running.

I decided to close the original basicNES project and start it over with basicNES 2000, although it still used the same 6502 core. After 2 or 3 releases, one David T. Finch got ahold of it and made it the amazing emulator that is available here. He added blitting, sound, motion blur, graphical smoothing, and a ton of more features. I focused mainly on adding mappers and got quite a few in there.

Maybe basicNES will make a return, maybe not. Only time will tell...


Super Mario Bros. 2

Mega Man V



basicNES 2000 v1.5 [debug level 1] Binary
basicNES 2000 v1.5 [debug level 2] Source Code


basicNES is Copyright (C) 1996-2023 Don Jarrett/David T. Finch/Tobias Stromstedt.
M6502 is Copyright (C) 1997-2023 Don Jarrett/Tobias Stromstedt.

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