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By Don Jarrett on Mon May 05, 2014 at 10:21 am

My top 5 favorite movies of all-time. Agree or disagree, please discuss!!!

Citizen Kane (1941)

  • Directed By: Orson Welles
  • Starring: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton, Everett Sloane
  • A tale of a man who had everything and lost it. Perfectly acted and directed by Orson Welles. I still don't think this film gets the respect it deserves.

Ghostbusters (1984)

  • Directed By: Ivan Reitman
  • Starring: Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis
  • If I could tell you how many hours I've spent watching this movie(and it's sequel) over and over again, I'd be able to count pretty high. This movies got it all. Hilarious. One of those movies I can quote at any time in any situation.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

  • Directed By: Stanley Kubrick
  • Starring: Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood
  • Kubrick's magnum opus(imo), this movie features barely any dialogue, but still stuns the hell outta me every time I see it. Amazing soundtrack too.

Back To The Future (1985)

  • Directed By: Robert Zemeckis
  • Starring: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas F. Wilson
  • Another movie that many hours of my childhood and life in general have been spent watching. The scene where George finally mans up and pops Biff is still one of my favorites.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

  • Directed By: Nicholas Meyer
  • Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley
  • This is probably the sleeper of my top 5. But I'm a huge Trek fan and this movie was the ultimate for me. A great story and some truly great acting by the whole cast. I wish some of the TNG movies had been this freakin' great.

I will list some honorable mentions someday. This is a brief list, but I am always open to some comments!

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