Red Wings, Tigers and Yankees, Oh my!

By Don Jarrett on Sun April 20, 2014 at 09:17 pm

You guys ruined my Sunday!! It was going great with the Yanks and Tigers winning and you guys spoiled it.

Anyway, it's ok. We got the split we needed in Boston. Maybe we can take both in Detroit, but we need to play much better than this to get it done. I kind of expected it, so I'm not too unhappy at the moment. I just want them to make it a series and show game 1 was no fluke.

Yankees need to keep getting those key hits. I think Beltran and Elsbury are great additions and I hope they keep producing. Starting pitching could be better, but CC and Tanaka have been pretty good so far.

Tigers just need to avoid their bullpen, and groundballs to the corners(ha!).


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