Rangers and Pacers

By Don Jarrett on Wed May 14, 2014 at 09:05 am

Man, the Rangers were impressive last night. Or should I say, Henrik Lundqvist was impressive. He has shown time and again he can rise to the occassion(he's won 5 straight game 7s). That, and they beat Pittsburgh, one of the 3 teams left I don't want to see win it all. And now I don't have to worry.

In the NBA, the Indiana Pacers laid yet another egg. Losing by 23 on your home floor in an elimination game? Jesus. Hibbert was unimpressive again, and they just showed their immaturity. The great teams get the job done when they have the oppurtunity. This is just a very disturbing trend.

It makes me feel even more like the Heat are just gonna roll.

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