Johnny Manziel and the Draft

By Don Jarrett on Fri May 09, 2014 at 02:02 pm

I can say it officially now, something I never thought I'd say: I feel sorry for Johnny Manziel. 

For some reason all these NFL pundits I've been reading(or maybe misreading) are saying the Browns are on their way outta the cellar... Uh, guys, this is still the Cleveland Browns. If any team could ruin a QB with potential, it'd be them.

On that note, I don't really think his game translates well to the NFL. It relies on far too much improvisation and spontaneity, two things that NFL linebackers will chew up on any given day. 

Then again, this is why we love the NFL. Who knows what will happen? He could flame out quick. He could have a HOF career. Or he could be a middle of the road type of QB. That's why, begrudgingly even, I will be paying attention to what happens just as much as the next guy. I haven't rooted for a Browns team since Kosar and Byner, and I won't change that now, but hey, at least I'll be watching right?

Not quite sure what the Lions were doing drafting a TE. That pick could've been better used by drafting some defensive help. It felt like a Millen pick to me. And they need nothing but distance from that guy's tenure.

I like the Titans taking Lewan at 11. He's a pretty good OL, and he beefs up a line that already looked pretty good. Hopefully he keeps any off-field issues in check.

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