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By Don Jarrett on Tue July 14, 2015 at 07:50 am

I've been working hard lately on my raycasting engine, blueTech 1. It's really come along. I had doors for a short time, but decided to go a different route on rendering non-walls(I call them objects). So I'm in the process of adding sprites with proper z-buffering. 

I'm not sure what my overall goal is still. Do I want to make a game? I'd love to make some sort of dungeon crawl that can be played with networking. 

It's been fun, and been a serious challenge. I like to hope some day I can move into more advanced 3D topics and rendering.

In the next couple days, I will post some screenshots for everyone's enjoyment. Hopefully I'll have the sprite texture stuff figured out today.

More on blueTech 1 can be found on the blueTech 1 homepage.

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