Scanty's Soundcloud
Excellent house mixes by the one and only Eli Dayan (scanty).

xkcd, a webcomic about physics, math, computers, and stuff.

my twitter
my twitter account. random musings.

8-Bit Alley
The 8-Bit Alley hosts many sites, including this one! And hosts, a huge resource of NES programming material.

Sly Dog Studios
A friend of mine's site, he codes NES games and does a damn nice job!

The TechNickel
A good friend of mine's site, also the main administrator of 8bitalley.

nesemu2 is a cycle-accurate NES emulator by James Holodnak, a close friend of mine. is a huge resource of NES related material, if you want to program a game, or an emulator, or just learn about a great old system! Check out the forums too!!

Winging It In Motown
An SBNation blog about the greatest franchise in professional sports, the Detroit Red Wings!!

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