By Don Jarrett on Wed June 01, 2016
You will be sorely missed.

By Don Jarrett on Fri May 27, 2016
I'm going to simply ask anyone who visits my little corner of the web, to check out GlobalCornerCafe. I want to encourage fun discuss...

By Don Jarrett on Mon May 02, 2016
33 today. Is that old?

By Don Jarrett on Mon February 22, 2016
I got a new job! I'm now a Data Migration Specialist for Justice Systems, Inc.! Woot!!! I'm really learning a lot. I've had to pick up Oracle now, and am starting to get my ...

By Don Jarrett on Tue July 14, 2015
I've been working hard lately on my raycasting engine, blueTech 1. It's really come along. I had doors for a short time, but decided to go a different route on rendering non-walls(I call them objec...

By Don Jarrett on Mon April 27, 2015
I'm still working hard and pushing towards some goals with my social networking site GlobalCornerCafe. I'm working on some AJAX messa...

By Don Jarrett on Fri March 06, 2015
Wow I haven't posted in forever... Life is going pretty well. Perhaps that's why I haven't. My baby is almost a year old and he's got 2 teeth now. This year has flown by. Anyway, I'...

By Don Jarrett on Tue November 18, 2014
WOOHOOO!!! Snoopy you look so good!! I can't wait!

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