Random musings on my life

By Don Jarrett on Tue May 14, 2013
Life is funny like that.

By Don Jarrett on Mon May 06, 2013
On Saturday, me and my sister Sara went to see Iron Man 3, then we hung out for a bit. I should've figured something was going on. At around 5 we got back home, and I walked in the doo...

By Don Jarrett on Fri May 03, 2013
That was pretty much the most perfect birthday ever. Me and Laura played hooky and spent the day together, we ate at our favorite restaurant for lunch and got to have dinner at one of my favorite plac...

By Don Jarrett on Sun April 28, 2013
In 2 hours, it'll officially be 10 months since I found the most wonderful woman in the world. I'm so lucky. I'm so in love. I want this to be the way it is for the next 10 months, and...

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