Random musings on my life

By Don Jarrett on Fri February 01, 2019
I was thinking about it just now, but man am I glad I'm married to the woman I love. When we were dating and before moving in together, I remember it being pure torture having to wait to see her ag...

By Don Jarrett on Wed December 27, 2017
I've been working on a new website.

By Don Jarrett on Tue November 15, 2016
Motivation, unfortunately, is something I've been lacking lately. In the midst of buying a house and a busy coding schedule at work, I've not been able to find the drive to code and create while I ...

By Don Jarrett on Mon August 01, 2016
My wife has a new blog up at, everyone should go check it out! Although I'm sure there's bound to be embarassing stuff...

By Don Jarrett on Tue July 12, 2016
So, I'm pretty terrified of heights. I doubt many people know it because it's not like it's something you just tell people. Anyway, we drove to Vegas and back over this weekend, and I admit...

By Don Jarrett on Wed June 01, 2016
You will be sorely missed.

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