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By Don Jarrett on Tue July 22, 2014
The NES homebrew scene is alive and well.

By Don Jarrett on Mon June 09, 2014
I'm 100% confident in my abilities as a systems analyst, programmer, anything pretty much to do with a computer.  Oddly enough though, this last round of scheduling/rescheduling/deploy...

By Don Jarrett on Fri June 06, 2014
Today, I was tasked, yet again, to add a single purpose user to our SQL Server database. This purpose was to run one, and only one, stored procedure.  After adding the user, simply den...

By Don Jarrett on Tue June 03, 2014
Last night, I got a spur of motivation and found my old 3D raycasting engine I coded in VB back in 2010(at least that's what the about box says). I was really happy to find it as I had been thinkin...

By Don Jarrett on Mon June 02, 2014
Looking for any old software I have written.

By Don Jarrett on Wed May 28, 2014
I think there is nothing I hate more in the world of IT than creating and writing documentation. Just look at the basicNES source code, and you'll see. I absolutely hate commenting code. An...

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